Satin Credit Network company: know its history


This satin credit network was launched or founded by Mr. H P Singh in the year of 1990. The Reserve Bank of India has legally approved this satin credit network. Some people are excluded and located at the bottom of the pyramid. 

For those people, this company offers financial requirements. In this blog, we will come to know about the leading satin credit network company along with its history and a reason for partnership with them.

History of Satin Credit Care Network Company 

In the year of 1990, a company launched its operations as an individual provider and small business loan. After that, in the year of 1998, this company was registered as NBFC by the RBI. By the year of November 2013 it has been converted into NBFC-MFI. 

In 2017, the company incorporated housing finance with the aim of providing financing in the housing segment. By January 2019, the Satin Creditcare LMS Network company had gained a separate NBFC license. This makes the company create a more branch across the various states and union territories.

What are the reasons to work with the satin credit network?

Here are some of the reasons that make you get clarity on working with the satin credit card network. Let us see some of them:

  • Every Satin Credit Network company employee can work with their passion and has a perfect chance to learn more things and get ideas so that they can be able to lead their team.
  • The company has been reducing the revenue concentration among the different traditional areas. It may indicate that the SATIN CREDIT CARE NETWORK company has an equally broad-minded approach to the business.
  • SCNL company can consist of an advanced technology that can be used for various processes. This advanced mode of technology has significantly helped in reducing the time for loan approval and other related process that can be involved in it.
  • The Satin credit network company has been committed to leading financial work and has given work to the employees of over 3 million entrepreneurs across India.


Satin Credit Network company has been standing as a main in the Indian financial services industry. This company is committed to the training and development of experienced professionals in their team. Knowing his ancient history and some of the reasons, you can get a clear idea of them. Working with the Satin credit care network company makes it more useful for the business because of their advanced technology process.


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