Janet Condra: Larry Bird Wife Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Education, Career, And Net Worth


Introduction Of Janet Condra

Janet Condra is a well-known celebrity spouse, and her main role is that she is the wife of a legendary ball player in America. This lady was born in the United States in the 1960s and is also an actress. Her birth date is not there, and she grew up in the South. On some sites, you can come to know that she was born in July 1956 and is now 66 years old. She is an American citizen, and there are more unavailability details about her on the net, and you can learn only a few data about her by searching about her.

About Of Janet Condra wiki/bio

Janet Condra is otherwise known as Janet Legend, and she is the celebrity wife of larry bird. Her husband is a widespread American basketball performer widely viewed as one of the most splendid participants in the record America. Her nationality is American, and her religion is Christianity and has a kid named corrie bird. Janet was born in the United States of America in Indiana and will be in her min-60s. Condra came into this world in the United States and was raised in a white family. 

Janet Condra’s Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Condra is at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, 165 centimeters, and Janet’s body weight is around 60kg. She also has short, shiny hair and dark brown eyes, which suit her personality. Janet is a very good-looking lady and always wears stylish clothes where she looks pretty in all the dresses she wears. Her hair and eyes are fine, which drives you to glance at her, and she has a good family. 

Who is the family of Janet Condra

Janet’s father-in-law is Claude Joseph, who served in the Korean War, and her mother-in-law is Georgina kerns bird. She supported her family by working in two places, and her four brothers-in-law were Eddie Bird, Jeff Bird, mike bird, and mark bird. Janet Condra also belongs to a good family that has a well-discipline belonging to America. The lady was born to supportive parents who always trusted and cared for her. Janet was also took birth to a Caucasian family, and she was born and raised in the USA.

know about Janet Condra’s Education

Condra earned her high school diploma from Spring Valley high school. She met Larry at her school and fell in love with him, and the duo enrolled at the same university to complete their graduation. After getting their graduation, Larry moved to another state to start his football career, and they met later after some years in Indiana. Both of them have learned together, and that is the thing that makes their love and romance deep as well as makes them get married. 

Janet Condra Larry Bird Wife

Janet Condra is Larry Bird’s wife and now she became his ex-wife, and they walked together. The two are childhood friends and were called sweethearts when they met together. They studied at valley high school together, and their romance increased greatly. They got married and also then applied for divorce. The previous couple had a daughter called corrie bird, and she was born on August 14, 1977, in Brazil, Indiana, in the United States. Now Condra is a currency without her partner and living alone. The two also lived only one year together and got a divorce.

Janet Awards and achievements

There is no information about Janet Condra on the net; she gets no awards or achieves anything. Her husband Larry has won more prizes in the matches and earned more money. They lived a happy life with their family by working, and she worked two jobs to safeguard their children. She is not only the wife of Larry but also an actress.

Know About Janet Condra’s husband Larry Bird

The lady, Janet Condra, and her relationship with any other person is a secret and not offered to you. When you search for her relationship, there is nothing to know about her; she is only the ex-wife of the popular person, Larry Bird. If you want to know more about her and her connection with a girlfriend or boyfriend, then you must visit all the sites to know about her relationship. 

Some of the sites mention that after divorcing Larry, she married a new person, namely Mike Deans, and they have a baby called Mandy.

Janet Condra Social media

Social media is the best platform where you can find many popular people in different fields. But you cannot find Condra on social media platforms because she is less popular than her ex-husband. Janet Condra is not busy on the social media forum and does not use any social media, and you could not see her on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. She uses no social media platforms because she became prominent after marrying Larry.  

Janet Condra Professional career

She worked in a reputed company for her expenses and came into the limelight for being the ex-wife of a famous American football player and coach known as Larry Bird. He is also currently serving as a coach and giving training to the new payers, and Larry is one of the best players and got many titles due to his amazing performances in tournaments, such as executive of the year and valuable player. 

Janet Condra is a celebrity wife, and she is best known by her husband, who is a famous coach. He also got an athletic scholarship to Indiana University and played under the legendary coach bob knight. He also led his team to the NCAA championship finals against the Michigan State Spartans, led by another future NBA superstar, Ervin Johnson. 

Janet Condra Net worth

If you search for everyone in this universe, you must first look at their net worth. It will help you to get encouraged by seeing them. Janet is a more passionate and hard-working woman. She lives a satisfactory life after divorcing her spouse and conducting a relaxed life with her family. There is no doubt that Condra is earning a profitable amount through her job and have estimated a net worth of 200k US dollars in 2022. Her ex-husband also had a net worth of around 75 million US dollars in December 2022. 


This universe has plenty of popular personalities, so you must read about the best women. She is known as Janet Condra and the wife of Larry Bird and has a baby out of their love. If you are ready to know and understand her, then reading the whole content offered to you is fine. It can make you learn about the basketball player’s ex-wife Janet Condra. 


Does Janet have a boyfriend?

Janet’s boyfriend and girlfriend are not mentioned on the net, and you cannot find anything related to her girlfriend. On some sites, you can get the information that she married a person after getting divorced from Larry. 

What is the profession of, Janet Condra?

Janet contras profession is an actress, and she married Larry bird. Then she is not more famous in her life, and after marrying Larry, she is one of the popular ladies well-known among the people as the wife of a bird. 

What is the work of his husband, Larry bird?

Janet Condra’s husband, Larry, was a professional and well-known basketball player in America. He also participated in more matches and won different prizes. It makes him a popular celebrity among the gatherings in America. 

How many children does Janet Condra have?

She has three children because of her life with Larry and then a daughter after marrying the second partner in her life. In total, she has four children after marrying two men.


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