Everything you need to know about Web Proxy 


Without needing to download extra software, like a VPN, you may use a web proxy to secretly browse the internet and unblock your favourite websites. Our free web proxy is compatible with the most well-known websites, including those that provide adult entertainment, YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Your whole browser session is encrypted to protect your privacy. 

What Makes a Web Proxy Necessary?

For the typical user, a web proxy makes it easier to access the geo-blocked content on websites and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It can be done without slowing down the internet connection speed. With Proxyium, you can access blocked websites without intrusive ads or other restrictions. You will be taken to the website home page if you simply paste the URL or type the domain name. That quickly and easily. 

Benefits of Using Proxyium Web Proxy 

Your Identity is Hiding

 Your internet traffic is encrypted by our web proxy, making it impossible for anyone to access your local IP address. In this manner, you can browse your preferred websites anonymously without being concerned about identity theft 

SSL Protocols

Actually, those websites that don’t arrive with SSL by default are all encrypted with SSL. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols are employed to build encrypted and authenticated relationships between networked computers. 

Educate Your Friends 

Use a permalink to share pages with your friends. Your friends can instantly access blocked websites without blockers by using this permalink. 

Access on All OS

A web proxy from Proxyium can be used without limitations on all operating systems. 

The majority of current web standards are supported by our web proxy. Web standards serve as a reference for the best procedures for the normative and technical elements of a web page. 

No Download Limit

Using this web proxy, you are free to download anything you want without worrying about exceeding your allotted download limit.


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