How To Play 80s Hurdle On Spotify


Hurdle is a unique musical game that creates a storm in the internet world. Hurdle is a comparatively fresh music game that one can play through a website app. Read further to discover more about 1980s songs on Spotify.

About Heardle 80s

Heardly is a fresh music platform that focuses on the 80 era. Heardle 80s provides the users with a wide range of classic hits music to stream. This is the best platform for an individual who wants to find their youth again and to go back to the nostalgia feelings.

This is also for those who are seeking to discover 80s iconic music. One unique feature of Hurdle is that it uses machine learning algorithms and data science to personalize the playlists according to the listening history and user preferences.

Specialty of 1980s Songs

Die-hard fans looking forward deeply to the legendary period in music history can find exclusive content like live performances from 80s artists and rare recordings. It is a music streaming platform that focuses exclusively on the 80s era.  

Rules to play Hurdle 1980s songs

Hurdle over Spotify provides a massive array of music that depends on an individual’s taste and music knowledge. Here are some guidelines to play Hurdle to enjoy the abundance of music.

  • Start the game by pressing the play button. It will provide one second of the introduction to the song.
  • Then, type the song that comes to mind in the search section. If the user finds it difficult to guess the song, press the Skip option to unlock more.
  • During the second attempt, the user will be given two seconds; then, it will increase to sixteen seconds to guess the correct song.
  • If the user couldn’t guess even after the sixth guess, it is considered that the user has lost the game.
  • When the game ends, the user can copy an emoji sketch of the results to a separate clipboard. Then, the emoji can be shared with friends through social media.

Heardle has different era-based song games, if the user likes to play songs based on 60s they have to option like Heardle 60s, where users can play the 60s song-based Heardle game.


Hurdle and Spotify eventually came down to provide the users with different listening experiences as per their wishes of the users. The main advantage of hurdle 80s Spotify is that they authentically provide only 80s tracks. At the same time, Spotify offers personalized personalized recommendations across numerous genres according to users’ listening history


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