Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone: Who Is She & What Was The Cause Of Her Death?


Melanie Olmstead Introduction

Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone is the transportation and location manager for the Yellowstone series. She died in May 2019 before the release of Yellowstone season 2 and was a brave and talented lady. She worked hard to help you make Yellowstone a great success, and her tribute is more in the Yellowstone season two finales. The fans of Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone are keen to know about her and gather a lot of information about her biography. Olmstead also worked in different fields as a US director, crew associate, actress, and entrepreneur. She was famous for her assignment in the vehicle division of many well-known movies. 

About Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone wiki & Biography

Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone was born on November 15, 1968, in Utah. She is a part of the filming crew and was a transporter for the production teams. Rather than this capacity in her, the producers could lean into her extensive experience as a lifelong rancher and conservationist and express reports. She died at age 50, prompting the show to conclude season 2 with a tribute. The episode premiered on the paramount network in July 2020 and featured a woman named Olmstead.

Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone grows up with her adoptive parents, Reid Howard, and Janet Corbridge. she is fond of looking at the horses and has more love for them. Her parents adopted her; his father was a military veteran, and her mother passed in 1979. Then her father passed in 2016, and she survived in Utah for her life. She also worked as a location manager for the show partially filmed in the state. 

Melanie Olmstead’s Height, weight, and Physical appearance

Suppose you like to know Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone’s appearance; she is 5 feet 6 inches, 55 kilograms. Her hair is natural, and her look color is brown. He looks attractive and has a good-looking countenance. You can look at her to know about her beauty and her glooming face. When you look at her, she looks astonishing and has a white tone that is glowing and possum.

Know About Melanie’s Family

She was an adopted child of Reid Howard and Janet Corbridge. There is no information about her siblings; her mom Janet died in 1979. Her adoptive dad Reid Howard and his second wife, Loa Rose Hanson, also raised her. Then her dad also died due to some health issues. There are no details about her family than her parents, and he lived with them for a long time. 

Melanie Olmstead Education

Melanie moved to Utah for her higher education, completed her education at Westminster College, and started working in the entertainment industry. You need help finding any other details regarding her studies and educational qualification. Only the above data is there about Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone her studies.

Professional career Of Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone

Melanie Olmsted also worked for the transportation and location department of various movies and TV series. There is a list of TV shows and series that she performed that includes the suspect(2000), frozen (2010), john carter(2012), wild horses(2015), wind river(2017), hereditary(2018), and Joe bell(2020). She also has three television credits: snatchers, Mack, and Yellowstone. She also worked in Africa on women’s education before finding work in Hollywood around 2000. This charitable has a big heart and deserves to be remembered by more people. Olmstead performed as a crew partner and spotted helper at diverse film sets. After her studies, she started working in the entertainment industry and TV shows.

Melanie Olmsted’s Love Life And Relationship

From the research, there is a lot of information about Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone, and if you want to know more about her, you have to choose the trusted site for it. She had no connection with anybody and lived with her spouse for a lengthy period. The only fault in their life is that they do not have an infant yet. So, you cannot gather any information about her relationship with anyone. 

Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone Married life

 Melanie married her husband, annalise ford, in January 2016, and some media report says she was a lesbian. There needs to be proper information available about these sources. They lived jointly for a prolonged duration and have no kids from the connection. There are no more details about the couples and their living.

know About Melanie Olmsted’s Social Media:

As an actress, she has some social media accounts for their fans. She is the location director for Hollywood films and finds a new place for their shoot. Melanie Olmsted served in more films and TV series and was a transportation manager. She has some accounts on the social media platform for her followers and fans. 

Net worth:

Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone was a stage actress and performed in some theatre plays and shows, severed the position of a passionate activist. She also has a net worth of $700-800K USD from her career. Her other honors contain good Joe bell, hereditary, snatchers, and Andi Mack. So, she lived a happy life with her husband with her earnings in the entertainment media.

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone death and cause for it

Melanie died at the age of 50 in May because of unknown reasons. She died just before the finals of Yellowstone season 2. Olmstead effectively worked for this show with the actors and the production crew. The producers of the shows do not reveal anything about her death, and it would be hard for this program to succeed and reach more viewers. 

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone death

She was given a great tribute for her work in this Yellowstone show. More people do not know about her than the crew with her. She also has a significant impact because of her role and deserves a tribute. Later they revealed that she died of cancer and had a lot of complications in her health. She passed away in Salt Lake City and her family’s company. 


When you are eager to collect all the details of Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone, you must read the above-provided content. You can get many details about this lady and understand her biography there. To gain more information about Melanie, you must visit more sites to gather a lot of information about her effectively. 


Does Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone have kids in their life?

No, Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone does not have any children by living a life with her husband. They join and enjoy effectively living their life. But the unhappy thing is that they do not have any newborns. Though they two have no baby, there is no information regarding their kid n the net for the people who search about it.

Can you gather all the details in the biography of Olmstead?

Definitely, the answer to the query is no. There are no complete details about her, and some still need to be included. You can only excellently get simple details about her to know about her life, family, husband and also some other details. There is some of the news that is missing about Olmstead when you search for her details on the net.

What are Melanie Olmsted Yellowstone’s role and profession?

Her role is working as a location manager in different films that are taken in Hollywood. She worked on more series and films and is a great actress. She earned more by acting and working in the company as a transportation manager. She is a famous person and also an actress. She is also the area location director in Hollywood movies.

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