Scratchpad, A Sales Team Collaboration Platform, Has Raised $13 Million To Integrate With Salesforce.


Scratchpad raises $13 million to power up Salesforce with a productivity workspace for sales teams. Leading by the Craft Ventures and Accel.

Scratchpad raises $13million

Scratchpad is a start-up company whose primary objective is to put a notation layer on top of Salesforce in order to make it easier for information to be transferred from salespeople to that platform. Now, the firm has made the announcement that Scratchpad raises $13 million to power up Salesforce with a productivity workspace for sales teams. Both Craft Ventures and Accel took part in the funding of this round. Moreover, the company has brought in a total of $16.6 million through various funding rounds, the smallest of which was a seed round that took place in October and was worth $3.6 million. According to the company’s founder and current chief executive officer, Pouyan Salehi, he was not actively looking for further capital. However, investors’ recognition of the potential of the business has encouraged him to accept their offer as per scratchpad 13m sawersventurebeat.

Informative Details about Scratchpad

Scratchpad was developed with the idea that its users would collaborate, and as a result, after a sales executive has successfully completed a transaction, the required information may be easily transmitted to the customer care department as per scratchpad 13m sawersventurebeat. Scratchpad is a web-based collaboration platform that provides three different subscription options: 

  • A freemium edition.
  • A team plans costs $39 per person. 
  • Finally, a commercial plan with variable pricing. 

Customers have the option of installing a Chrome extension in order to get access to the service or using a standalone web application in order to gain access to the service. Both of these options are supported by the customer’s preferred web browser. After this, the user logs into Scratchpad with their Salesforce credentials using the provided links. The fact that users are able to make modifications to their Salesforce instance from any tab, rather than only inside Salesforce itself, is the Scratchpad Command feature that proves to be the most beneficial. When exploring potential leads on LinkedIn and wishing to check to see whether they are already in the system, this is a really valuable tool to have.

Scratchpad Team Collaboration How it works

After the user has installed the Scratchpad Chrome extension. They will initially be prompted to sign in using the Salesforce credentials they have been given. After that, they will have to check a box during the setup process in order to activate Scratchpad Command. After that, the user can gain access to a search bar that enables them to conduct a search within their instance of Salesforce or create a new note, task, account, lead, opportunity, and other items by pressing Ctrl J for Windows and Command J for Mac operators and clicking the Scratchpad icon on the toolbar of their browser. This allows the user to do a search from within their illustration of Salesforce as per scratchpad 13m sawersventurebeat.

By using Scratchpad Command, you will have access to the vast majority of Salesforce’s functionality from almost any website in the whole globe. In the event that Slack provides you with a potentially fruitful lead, you won’t need to exit the application in order to pursue it.

Success comes from satisfied customers

Scratchpad has been shown to live up to its claims, as seen by the positive feedback it has received from customers. The number of users who make use of their services has increased by tens of thousands. In addition to this, there are a great number of pleased consumers who are eager to attest to it. According to Jonas Taylor, GTM Enablement Effectiveness at Lattice, a rapidly expanding HCM company, “Good operations teams should be finding out how to make it simpler for salespeople to sell,” and “advancement” is “about giving the training, advice, and coaching to make sales teams very successful.” 

Operations and Teams

Good operations teams should find out how to make it simpler for salespeople to sell. When both the operations team and the enablement team have previous experience in sales and can empathize with the challenges faced by salespeople, it is a no-brainer to acquire Scratchpad. Under a single, more intuitive user interface, the company consolidates all of the many sales-related procedures and information that it manages. It is said that Scratchpad raised $13 million to power up Salesforce with a productivity workspace for sales teams. A round of financing refers to a piece of software that assists salespeople in concentrating on the tasks that they are most skilled at. This particular round of capitalization includes Accel and Craft Ventures as participants; Craft Ventures is the lead investor in this particular round as per scratchpad 13m sawersventurebeat.

It is not difficult to separate out a few consumers. Who are eager to go to bat for the firm, even among a cast of thousands of other patrons. It is more difficult to find examples of successful businesses that have developed and extended their operations and which attribute at least some of their success to the contribution of your product or service. It would seem that Scratchpad is having an effect on games such as Vanta, Lattice, and maybe many more. This is accomplished by shifting the traditional sales CRM’s emphasis on satisfying customers to one that places more importance on successfully concluding business transactions. Despite this, it still maintains a strong link to Salesforce, which is required for the CRM to operate as intended.


The growing use of Scratchpad across all sales teams has contributed to a reduction in the amount of friction that exists between Account Executives and Salesforce. Designers expect great growth as the team aggressively chases new end-user sign-ups, subscription revenue, new logos, and expansion inside current brands. Since it is now a staple in the toolset of every successful Account Executive, it is believed this will enable everyone to achieve amazing success.

If you work in sales, there is a good possibility that you are already familiar with Salesforce and utilizing it. The customer relationship management (CRM) platform now has a twenty percent market share in terms of revenue, which is more than three times as much as its nearest rival currently holds.

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